A Guide to Electric Boiler System Benefits

There are a number of different boiler types available on the market, and while they all have the same function, some are more suitable to certain homes than others. In this guide, our Bbright experts will be discussing the key benefits (and some of the drawbacks) of the popular electric boiler system.

What is an electric boiler system?

An electric boiler system simply uses electricity rather than gas to generate hot water. These boilers are connected to the mains electricity supply, and heat cold water that comes from the mains water supply, using a heating element similar to that in a kettle. The only real difference between electric boilers and traditional boilers is that they do not require gas. There has in fact been a lot of debate about whether electric boiler systems are better for the environment.

The key benefits of an electric boiler system

While electric boiler systems are not suitable for larger homes (due to them having limitations regarding how much water they can heat at any one time) they still offer a multitude of benefits for people with smaller properties.

  • Greater efficiency

As they are the newer boiler systems on the market, electric boilers are built with efficiency in mind. As water is heated directly through the system, this means that no energy is wasted as the system only needs to use electricity when heating or hot water is required, rather than needing to keep water hot for extended periods of time.

  • Smaller and quieter

Because electric boilers don’t rely on elements inside the system moving to create heat, they are far quieter than traditional boilers. Plus, since they are usually designed for smaller homes, the units are always compact and able to fit in small spaces such as kitchen cupboards. This also means they are usually relatively quick to install.

  • Safer for your home

Without the need for any gas, your home is arguably safer with an electric boiler. With a gas boiler, there is always the risk of fuel leakage which can be extremely dangerous. Electric boilers, since they only require electricity, do not have this risk.

  • Cheaper to run

It will come as no surprise that a more efficient boiler also makes a less expensive boiler. With a new, electric boiler model, you can rely on the system using as little energy as possible to heat the water needed for your home, meaning that you are provided with the heat quicker and at less of a cost. When you install an electric boiler system, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your bills won’t be skyrocketing anytime soon.

When should I not get an electric boiler system?

As previously mentioned, an electric boiler system tends to be unsuitable for larger homes. This is because they are limited to the amount of water they can heat at one time. If you have a home with 4+ bathrooms and multiple showers are in use at the same time, for example, the boiler system will not be able to meet your needs. If you need guidance as to which boiler system will work best for your home, just get in touch with our experts here at Bbright.

If you think an electric boiler system might be right for you, why not get a quote today and find out? Our personalised recommendation process can assess your current living situation and recommend the best boiler type for you.