Boiler replacement – when and how to get your boiler replaced?

Boiler replacement is not usually one of life’s highlights. When trouble starts with your boiler you get a real sinking feeling. You never notice a healthy boiler: it just quietly keeps your home warm and your water hot. But as soon as things go wrong you quickly notice what an important job boilers do.

The big choice is whether to go for boiler repairs or boiler replacement. While a repair is often cheaper, could it be the first in a long line of problems? Is it easier just to cut to the chase and get a new boiler?

Do I need a boiler replacement?

How are you supposed to know when your boiler needs replacing? Without a crystal ball it’s difficult to tell how many more weeks, months or years your boiler has left, but to help you decide there are some useful questions to ask yourself…

  1. How old is the boiler?
    Most boilers should last you 10 to 15 years, especially if you’ve had them serviced every year. But if your boiler is more than eight years old it might not be particularly efficient. If you answer yes to any of the other questions below, it might be worth taking the opportunity to upgrade.
    If it’s under eight years old, hopefully the problem is nothing too serious and a repair will address it. Some of the more common issues with boilers aren’t too expensive to fix.

  2. Would you like to move your boiler?
    Often boilers have been installed in a less than ideal location in your home. If your boiler is getting on a bit and you want to reclaim the space it’s in, it can be worth taking the opportunity to install a brand new boiler in a better location.

  3. Is your boiler doing its job?
    Does your family fight over the hot water? Is your home perpetually cold? Can you fill a bath to the perfect level and temperature? If not, your boiler might not be powerful enough. Larger homes, or homes with more than one bathroom, often need a high wattage combi boiler and sometimes a hot water cylinder.

  4. Is your current boiler energy efficient?
    Most new boilers have a high energy efficiency rating – all Bbright boilers are Class A for efficiency. That means they are at least 92% efficient.

    Meanwhile, an older model is likely to have a poor efficiency performance, which means it is costing you more to run. Replacing an inefficient (G-rated) boiler with an A-rated model could save you as much as £350 a year

    Installing an A-rated boiler will not only reduce your gas bills, but it will also be a good selling point if you’re thinking of moving home in the future.

How to choose a new boiler

Not many of us can claim to be boiler experts, so it seems daunting to choose a suitable model. In the past you might call out a heating engineer and take their recommendations – but even finding a reliable engineer can take days.

Bbright makes it much simpler. We’ve hand picked a range of top boilers that will suit most homes, and by answering a few simple questions we‘ll narrow down the choices for you.

Choose a model to suit your budget, safe in the knowledge that you’ve chosen a good quality boiler that is fully protected by warranty. Then we’ll install it as soon as you like!

Which are the best boiler brands?

We supply a range of models across three brands – Vokera boilers, Ideal boilers and Worcester Bosch boilers, at competitive prices.

What’s even better is that we can install your chosen model within 24 hours.

What size of replacement boiler do I need?

We’ll do all the hard work for you and match up the right boiler to your home and its heating requirements.

As a general rule, though, the table below is a useful guide.

HomeNumber of bedroomsNumber of radiatorsBathrooms Output rating
Flat / small house1-2up to 10124-27kW
Medium house2-3up to 15128-32kW
Large house4+up to 25335-42kW

How do I get my boiler replaced?

With Bbright boiler replacement is easy. We help you find a suitable boiler, compare the prices and you buy online. Then, you simply book an installation slot, as soon as the following day – or on another date that suits you.

All our specialist engineers are fully DBS and security checked so that you feel relaxed and safe. The boiler and any additional parts arrive at your home and are installed by the engineer on your appointed date. Most boiler replacements are done in a single day.

Good reasons to replace your boiler

Buying a new boiler is not the most exciting purchase you’ll make this year, but there are some very good outcomes from your investment. Here are seven reasons to feel good about your new boiler:

  1. A cosy home
    Replacing your boiler will stop those niggles with your older boiler and heat your home reliably and efficiently. Most important of all, you and your family will be warm and toasty.

  2. More control
    These days, a thermostat is much more than a twiddly dial on your wall. With a smart thermostat you can switch your heating on and off via an app on your phone. It will even learn your favourite temperature; when you’re at home and when the house is empty.

  3. Saving money on repairs
    A replacement boiler is very unlikely to have any issues, so you can relax and stop worrying about repair bills. If anything were to go wrong – which is very unlikely – replacement parts and labour will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

  4. Saving the planet
    A new A-rated boiler wastes less fuel, lowers your home’s carbon emissions and saves you money. A total win-win situation.

  5. Boosting your property value
    Energy efficiency is an important factor for potential house buyers. A new boiler is a good selling point if you’re looking to move.

  6. Enjoying the peace
    Older boilers can make their presence felt – they can be noisy, and especially so when they need repair. New models are so quiet, they’re suitable for most rooms in your house.

  7. Saving space
    Boiler technology advances mean that the latest models are often smaller and more compact than their predecessors. So your new boiler could well save you some space and give you more room for storage.

Getting a replacement boiler on finance

Another positive development in the world of boiler replacement is that it’s now possible to get your new boiler on interest-free finance. At Bbright we make it fast and easy to spread the cost of your replacement boiler, interest free for the first three years. We know that boilers often decide to go wrong at the worst possible moment, and when money might be tight.

Our flexible finance options help you sort the problem quickly. For more information, see our finance page.

What to expect on the day of your boiler replacement

After you’ve ordered your boiler we’ll send you an email with all the information you need, including delivery details for the boiler and any other materials. Once these arrive, keep everything in a safe place and don’t remove any packaging. 

On the installation day your engineer will arrive and introduce themselves. They might check a few details with you and then get to work. They’ll cover surfaces in their working area and will take care to be clean and tidy.

The engineer will usually complete all the work in a single day. If a job is likely to take longer we’ll let you know in advance. 

All our specialist engineers are fully DBS, security checked and fully qualified, so that you feel relaxed and safe.

Once your new boiler is up and running, the engineer will do a few final safety checks. At the end of the appointment they will show you how everything works, answer any questions that you may have and leave with you a completed Benchmark Certificate to state that your new boiler meets the required standards.

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