Combi Boiler
Combi (combination) boilers supply your central heating and hot water. They use the mains to heat water instantly, meaning they do not need a storage cylinder. A combi boiler is a single, compact unit.
Back Boiler
A back boiler is a compact unit fitted behind or beside a fireplace. They require a cold water storage tank and hot water cylinder elsewhere in the home. Back boilers are no longer being manufactured.
System Boiler
System boilers have a separate cylinder for storing the hot water, however they do not require a loft tank. Besides the cylinder storage unit, all of the heating and hot water components are built in.
Regular Boiler
Regular boilers are the traditional style and require a separate hot water storage cylinder and a cold water storage tank (usually stored in the loft). Older houses will likely use this boiler system.
No Boiler
Most homes will come fitted with a boiler as standard. However if you are moving into a new build and need to decide which unit will be best suited for you, select this option.
How do I find out?

Have a look at the boiler, if you can find the boiler’s data plate all info should be there. Otherwise, here are some general guidelines: It’s standard if you have a cold water tank (likely in the loft) and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard. It’s system if you don’t have a cold water tank but do have a hot water cylinder. It’s most likely Combi if you don’t have a cold water tank or a hot water cylinder.

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