When your boiler goes wrong, it’s an urgent thing to fix. Without it you have no central heating and no hot water, so suddenly boiler installation becomes a top priority.
There are a few things to think about when you need a new boiler, so this Bbright guide is designed to help you get on track, fast. 

It can be difficult to know whether it’s OK to have your boiler repaired or replaced. It depends what the problem is and the age of the boiler. With an old model it’s often more cost effective to replace – especially as new boilers are more energy efficient and will cost you less to run.
A heating engineer will be able to advise whether it’s better to repair or replace – but of course you will need to pay a callout fee for this advice.
At Bbright we aim to make it fast and easy to get a new boiler in place.

Boilers start from around £1000 so it can have real impact on your finances when you need to buy a new one. The cost will also depend on the type of boiler you need.
The main types of boiler for your home are:
Combi boiler: A compact boiler that manages both central heating and hot water without tanks or cylinders
System boiler: A boiler that uses a hot water cylinder
Conventional boiler: A boiler that uses a hot water cylinder and a water tank in the loft.
A combi boiler is usually the least expensive type.

In the past, needing a new boiler could be a stressful time. You would need to find a heating engineer, pay them upfront to source a suitable boiler, and then pay them to install it.
That’s why we created Bbright – to make it easier to find, install and pay for your boiler. With more ways to pay coming soon.

Not many people have a good knowledge of boiler technology and heating systems, so Bbright makes it easy to find the right boiler for your home.
We’ve carefully designed eight questions that choose suitable boiler brands and models for each individual customer. You just need to choose according to your budget.
The questions look at the size of your home, the space you have available and where you want the boiler to be placed.
Bbright supplies and installs Ideal boilers, Vokera boilers and Worcester Bosch boilers.

Until now, it was difficult to find a heating engineer at short notice to repair or install a new boiler. When that means no heating or hot water, it’s not a great situation.
So Bbright worked hard to establish a network of background-checked, gas safe registered engineers that can install a new boiler for you in just 24 hours. Once you’ve chosen your boiler model, you can book an installation slot for the next day. Or, choose a date that will suit you better – remember you’ll need to be at home on the day of installation.

When you order your boiler you’ll get an email explaining everything, including when your boiler and any other equipment will be delivered. Keep all the equipment in a safe place and leave it in its packaging.
When your engineer arrives they will take charge of the equipment and make everything as simple as possible. They might check a few details with you and then get to work. They’ll protect anything around their working area and keep things tidy.
Most boiler system installations are finished on the same day, but if a job is likely to take longer we’ll let you know in advance.
Once the boiler is successfully in place and working, there will be a few final checks to make sure everything is safe. You’ll receive a Building Regulations Certificate and completed Benchmark Certificate to confirm that your new boiler meets the required standards.

Trust is what Bbright is all about. We check that every qualified gas safe engineer on our team has full professional certification and we also run DBS and certain medical checks.
Every boiler has a manufacturers’ warranty and we also give you a five year guarantee on the engineer’s workmanship to cover pipework, fittings etc. So if there’s anything you’re unhappy with following the installation, just give us a call. We will arrange for an engineer to come out and take a look.
Remember that annual gas boiler services are important. They will ensure that that boiler is still working as it should and that it is fully safe. You can either return to Bbright to arrange for a service, or book your own engineer to visit.
If you still have queries or concerns about boiler installations, our experts are here to help. Use our online chat tool or call one of our advisers on the number below. You might also find it helpful to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.