Ideal Heating: Logic Max System Boiler – Features and Benefits

Established in 1905, Ideal Heating is a boiler manufacturer with over 100 years of experience providing superior quality heating solutions in the UK. The Ideal Logic Max System Boiler is one of the company’s most popular boilers. It comes in different sizes suitable for small, medium, and large homes.

If you’re searching for a reliable, energy-efficient, compact boiler that produces minimal emissions, then the Ideal Logic Max System Boiler is the right choice for you. It has the same award-winning features as the Logic Plus System with an improved quality system filter.

Moreover, it features a sleek and stylish design compact enough to fit inside a small cupboard. Its compactness makes it a discreet and reliable option for homeowners looking to optimise their space.

The Ideal Logic Max System Boiler is compatible with other controls offered by Ideal Heating. Also, it displays a service reminder, allowing users to get the most out of this product. This boiler is available in four sizes: 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, and 30kW. 

Furthermore, it has a simple and easy-to-use display screen with easy-to-reach automatic service and pressure gauge reminders. Like all the models in the Logic range, this system boiler has an energy-efficient rating of 94%, meaning it is environmentally friendly and has a category A ErP rating. Another benefit of this boiler is that it is easy to install and service.

The Ideal Logic Max System Boiler has a central heating output of 30 kW, which is ideal for large homes with 15 to 20 radiators. The higher output offered by this boiler makes it the most powerful one in the Logic Max range. 

Ideal Heating: Logic Max System Boiler – Features and Benefits

1.    Reliability

The Ideal Logic Max Boiler does not compromise on performance and efficiency. This boiler heats the water in your central heating system and stores heated water in a domestic cylinder to deliver a continuous hot water supply. Since this system boiler heats the water directly from the mains, it is sufficient for large homes with multiple bathrooms.

This boiler has a category A ErP rating and operates at an efficiency of 94%. Its operational efficiency gives homeowners the peace of mind that they are saving on energy costs with a high-performance boiler.

2.     Compatibility and Control

The Ideal Logic Max System Boiler has a wide range of compatible controls. If your home does not have a natural gas supply, you can easily convert it to LPG. This model also works with other smart thermostats, including Nest and Tad, in addition to Ideal’s Touch Control.

Additionally, the boiler has an intelligent thermostat allowing users to control its heating from any location with an internet connection using a mobile device or a tablet.

3.     Compact and Easy to Use

The Ideal Logic Max System Boiler is compact with dimensions of 700x395x278mm (HxWxD), which means that it is small enough to be installed in a small kitchen cupboard. However, remember that you would require some space for its cylinder.

Moreover, it has a large digital display with easy-to-press buttons that allow you to control the thermostat. You can also purchase additional controls for this boiler, including an electronic thermostat, weather compensation kit, and timer. This boiler comes with a pressure gauge and an annual service reminder at the front of the boiler next to the user control buttons.

4.    High-Quality Performance

The Ideal Logic Max System Boiler is made from high-quality, durable, and scratch-resistant materials that maintain its tidy appearance for years. It delivers unparalleled performance providing users with hot water within seconds.  

Moreover, it has a high-quality system filter that automatically removes black iron oxide from the boiler to improve its efficiency. This feature allows homeowners to get the most out of their boilers while saving money on fuel bills. In addition, the external control offered by this boiler makes it convenient to use and manage.

5.     Environmentally-Friendly and Cost-Efficient

The overall efficiency of a boiler is one of the significant factors contributing to fuel costs and emissions. Ideal Heating is committed to reducing its carbon footprint on the planet, which is why it produces products that release minimal carbon emissions. 

One of this high-efficiency boiler’s main advantages is its immediate fuel cost savings. With the Ideal Logic Max System Boiler, you will have the satisfaction of getting instant hot water within seconds without worrying about energy bills.

Moreover, since this is a condensing boiler, it works to recover more heat from the system and uses it to provide central heating, making it more efficient than traditional boilers.

6.    Warranty

This boiler has a 10-year warranty that provides homeowners peace of mind after purchase. While users have rarely reported any issues with this boiler, it is helpful to know that your boiler is covered in the event it experiences a technical fault or breakdown.

7.    20% Hydrogen Blend

The Ideal Logic Max System Boiler is designed to run efficiently on a 20% hydrogen blend without requiring technical alterations. This feature enables minimal disruptions during the heating process.

Final Word

The Ideal Logic Max System Boiler is an excellent choice for users looking for an energy-efficient and compact boiler for their homes. This boiler has a ten-year warranty period that can be extended to 12 years, depending on specific criteria. This prolonged warranty period is proof of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. It is manufactured in the UK with high-quality and durable materials. 

Additionally, it is compact and can fit into a standard-size kitchen cupboard. Also, it is low-weight, making it easy to install and service. Another plus point of this boiler is that it has a compatible range of external controls that allow users to monitor and adjust the thermostat using their smartphones or tablets.

The premium components offered by this system boiler make it a tempting buy for homeowners searching for system boilers for their heating requirements. If you want to install this boiler, look no further than Bbright. We have a team that specialises in boiler installation, replacement, and repairs. Our work meets the required UK standards and safety regulations. For details, call 01279 888429 or click here to get a quotation.