Is it Time for a Boiler Upgrade?

While boilers are becoming more reliable as new models get developed, unfortunately there is still a limit to a boiler’s lifespan, and eventually, you may find that yours needs to be replaced. There are many reasons that you might be looking to get a boiler upgrade, but all too often a replacement is left to the last minute and can leave you without heating while you wait for an engineer. 

In this blog, our experts will discuss the key warning signs you should look out for if you suspect your boiler will soon need an upgrade – as well as how you can make sure you’re solving the problem sooner rather than later.

How do I know it’s time for a boiler upgrade?

Usually, if you have had your boiler for more than 15 years, it will likely need to be upgraded – and not only because it might be falling apart or showing error codes. Older boilers tend to be far less efficient than newer models, and so getting a boiler upgrade will likely help you financially in the long run. Your home will be heated quicker and you will no longer have to worry about finding out-of-date replacement parts for your boiler!

Here are some other reasons why you might suspect it’s time for a boiler upgrade:

  • Your boiler is making strange sounds or smells

If your boiler is old or simply in need of an upgrade, you may have started to notice it emitting strange smells or making unusual rattling sounds. This is usually to do with the external pipes – sometimes there can be blockages which cause the smells, or a loosening of parts which can cause the rattling. Rattling may also mean there is an excess of air within the system. Whatever the cause, both these things are key indicators that your boiler needs to be replaced.

  • Your boiler has needed several leak fixes and other repairs

It’s not uncommon for boilers to need the odd repair, but when your boiler is regularly in need of attention from an engineer, new parts or leak fixes, this may be because it is out-of-date. Not only this, but many older boilers that are no longer being produced will sometimes require parts that are difficult to find online or not available at all. This can cause further issues and delay the boiler repair, potentially leaving you without heating. With a newer model, you will have a reassuring warranty and you will also be safe in the knowledge that no parts will be going out-of-date any time soon.

  • You are being charged more for your heating and hot water

As mentioned previously, older boilers are usually far less efficient than the newer models available on the market, and so if you have had your boiler for several years, it should come as no surprise that your bills are creeping further up in price! Old boilers will need to work harder and use more energy to generate the same heat output as newer boilers, and so you will end up paying more for less efficiency. Quickly getting a new boiler installed should see your home heating up much faster and your bills plummeting back to normal.

Boiler replacements with Bbright

At Bbright, we understand that replacing a boiler can be a hassle, so our engineers are here to make the process as simple as possible for you. We’ll help to make sure you’re choosing the right kind of boiler for your home, and that you reap all the benefits of the best boiler models on the market.

Get a quote today for a new boiler or boiler replacement service from expert engineers in London, and stay warm this spring.