Vaillant: ecoTEC plus 48 and 64kW – Features and Benefits

The brand-new ecoTEC plus 48 and 64kW boilers are substantially smaller and lighter than the ecoTEC plus 46 and 65kW boilers that they replace. These small boilers are ideal for large households that require larger outputs. With the ecoTEC plus 48kW weighing only 38 kg and the 64 kW weighing 48 kg, installers can easily carry and install the boilers.

Moreover, the ecoTEC plus 48 and 64kW are system boilers that can be installed in large commercial setups with a greater demand for hot water and heating. As system boilers have separate cylinders for water storage, they provide a continuous hot water supply, ensuring you don’t run out of hot water, especially in the case of large projects.

These boilers have an internal maintenance system that prevents rain intrusion from the flow system and keep it from depositing in the boiler’s casing. Moreover, they also have a gunmetal air separation device that prevents vented emissions from entering the boilers’ case. These maintenance systems safeguard the internal electronics of the boilers, ensuring optimal performance.

The ecoTEC plus 48 and 64kW boilers also allow users to convert to LPG mode in case of a natural gas supply shortage. This unique conversion feature provides flexibility to the users and also ensures a continuous supply of hot water. 

Furthermore, both models come with a complete range of accessories to help users get the most out of their features. Additionally, the ecoTEC plus 48 and 64kW boilers have an energy efficiency rating of 94%, meaning it has an ErP A+ rating. 

These boilers are ideal for large homes with multiple bathrooms and a great demand for hot water. These boilers will be worthwhile if you are looking for an energy-efficient heating system that reduces your fuel bills while providing instantly hot running water. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and features that they offer!

The EcoTEC Plus 48kW and 64kW Boilers – Features and Benefits

1.     Compact Design

Both boilers have a compact and stylish design and can be adjusted anywhere. They come with various accessories that ease installation in large homes or commercial properties. Additionally, they have an easy-to-use display that does not contain confusing instructions. These boilers can even be installed in small spaces like kitchen cabinets because of their small dimensions.

2.     Improved Control and Efficiency

Both ecoTEC plus 48kW and 64kW are ErP A-rated; however, when used with Vaillant’s VRC 700 and 700f controllers, users can enhance them to ErP A+ rating. Customers can now use the VRC 700 app on their smartphones or other smart devices to control their heating. However, it is essential to have a stable Wi-Fi connection for optimal access in control.

3.     Stainless Steel Premium Quality Engine

Both these models have a stainless steel engine which is known for its superior quality, performance, and reliability. The engine also delivers optimal combustion efficiency while minimising waste during usage. Moreover, these boilers are also energy-efficient and reduce CO2 emissions to a significant degree compared to traditional boilers.

4.     Easy to Install, Service, and Maintain

The ecoTEC plus 48kW and 64kW consist of a built-in shunt pump that directs the water flow from the flow pipe directly into the boiler. Additionally, due to the relocation of the gas pressure test point to the isolation valve, everything is now conveniently accessible from the front during commissioning and servicing. The front and side panels of the boiler provide ease of access during maintenance.

In order to protect the internal electronics in the boiler, both boilers also have a new gunmetal air separator with a system pressure gauge that removes tiny air bubbles from the system. Additionally, an internal ducted rain collector keeps rain from entering the boiler through the flue system and works to prevent it from depositing there.

5.     Both Models Come With a Range of System Accessories

The ecoTEC plus 48kW and 64kW come with a complete range of commercial system accessories, including cascade rigs, heating system controls, flues, large capacity cylinders, plate heat exchangers, and low loss header and cylinders.

6.     Enables Conversion to LPG

The ecoTEC plus 48 and 64kW provide flexibility for all projects as users can easily convert them to LPG in areas with limited or no natural gas supply. Users can also install these boilers directly on the walls using their cascade rig system, making them ideal for large-scale commercial projects.

7.     Low Emissions

Vaillant is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, ensuring that all its products are energy-efficient and release minimal emissions. The ecoTEC plus 48 and 64kW have a modulating low Knox burner which prevents emissions to a large degree.

8.     Quite Operations

Unlike traditional boilers and water heaters, the ecoTEC plus 48kW and 64kW have been awarded the Quiet Mark as they consist of an air separator that enables quieter operations. Loud boilers can be an annoyance for homeowners, especially during winter days when the surroundings are quieter.

Final Word

The Vaillant ecoTEC plus 48kW and 64kw boilers are intended for larger households with greater heating and hot water demands. These boilers boast an exceptional ErP A efficiency rating that lowers operating costs and minimises carbon emissions.

Moreover, these exceptional and premium quality boilers are compact and easy to install and maintain. They feature an air separator for quieter operations and a durable stainless steel heat engine for longevity and top performance. 

Furthermore, Vaillant ecoTEC plus 48kW and 64kw boilers are high-performance and energy-efficient boilers compatible with both natural gas and LPG. They are suitable for all large-scale operations and domestic properties that require a continuous hot water supply.

Another plus point is that they come with a five-year warranty that gives users some relaxation after installation. One of the most significant advantages of these boilers is that they can be placed just about anywhere and can also be installed with cascades to provide optimal heating and flexibility.

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